Fragile (Reissue) (180g)

Yes Yes


  1. Roundabout
  2. Cans And Brahms
  3. We Have Heaven
  4. South Side Of The Sky


  1. Five Per Cent For Nothing
  2. Long Distance Runaround
  3. The Fish
  4. Mood For A Day
  5. Heart Of The Sunrise


Going For The One was Yes' 8th studio album released in 1977 on Atlantic Records and marks the return of keyboardist Rick Wakeman, who departed in 1974. -After constructing epic tracks for the last few years, Yes felt inspired to scale things back a bit and recorded some of their most direct and concise material since Fragile. Wakeman also varied his sound by using the new polyphonic synthesizer out from Moog at the time-Allmusic described this album as perhaps the most overlooked item in the Yes catalog-After many album covers by Roger Dean, Yes (who produced the album entirely by themselves) commissioned Hipgnosis (known for designing album covers for Pink Floyd) to create the artwork for Going for the One; However, Dean's Yes logo was retained. The album cover features the Century Plaza Towers in Los Angeles.

Fragile (Reissue) (180g) • Fragile (Reissue) (180g) • Fragile (Reissue) (180g) • Fragile (Reissue) (180g) •

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