Fugazi (Deluxe Edition) (180g) (LP4)



  1. Assassing
  2. Punch And Judy
  3. Jigsaw
  4. Emerald Lies


  1. She Chameleon
  2. Incubus
  3. Fugazi


  1. Assassing
  2. Punch and Judy
  3. Jigsaw


  1. Script for a Jester's Tear
  2. Chelsea Monday


  1. Emerald Lies
  2. Cinderella Search
  3. Incubus


  1. Charting the Single
  2. He Knows You Know


  1. Fugazi
  2. Forgotten Sons


  1. Garden Party
  2. Market Square Heroes




In March 1984 Fugazi, Marillion’s  second album was released, it was certified Gold and reached number 5 in the UK Albums Charts. the album produced two singles, "Punch and Judy" (UK no. 29) and "Assassing" (UK no. 22). We will be releasing the Fugazi (Deluxe Edition) on Friday 27th August as a 4LP Boxed Set and a 3CD / Blu-ray box. The audio for the LP box will consist of the 2021 stereo remix of the original Fugazi Album plus the live Live Spectrum Montreal from 20th June 1984. The CD/BR set will have the same audio across the 3CDsplus Fugazi (Stereo - 96k 24 bit)  Stereo Album Remix 2021, Fugazi (5.1 - 96k - 24 bit)  Stereo Album Remix 2021 And Live Spectrum Montreal – 20 June 1984 (Stereo - 96k 24 bit) on the Blu-ray. The packaging for the CD will be in the book style like previous releases and the LP will be in a 12x12 box.


Fugazi (Deluxe Edition) (180g) (LP4) • Fugazi (Deluxe Edition) (180g) (LP4) • Fugazi (Deluxe Edition) (180g) (LP4) • Fugazi (Deluxe Edition) (180g) (LP4) •

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