The Complete Album Collection (CD8)

Tim Buckley Tim Buckley


  1. I Can’t See You
  2. Wings
  3. Song Of The Magician
  4. Strange Street Affair Under Blue
  5. Valentine Melody
  6. Aren’t You The Girl
  7. Song Slowly Song
  8. It Happens Every Time
  9. Song For Jainie
  10. Grief In My Soul
  11. She Is
  12. Understand Your Man


  1. No Man Can Find The War
  2. Carnival Song
  3. Pleasant Street
  4. Hallucinations
  5. I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain
  6. Once I Was
  7. Phantasmagoria In Two
  8. Knight-Errant
  9. Goodbye And Hello
  10. Morning Glory


  1. Strange Feelin’
  2. Buzzin’ Fly
  3. Love From Room 109 At The Islander (On Pacific Coast Highway)
  4. Dream Letter
  5. Gypsy Woman
  6. Sing A Song For You


  1. Happy Time
  2. Chase The Blues Away
  3. I Must Have Been Blind
  4. The River
  5. So Lonely
  6. Cafe
  7. Blue Melody
  8. The Train


  1. Lorca
  2. Anonymous Proposition
  3. I Had A Talk With My Woman
  4. Driftin’
  5. Nobody Walkin’


  1. Come Here Woman
  2. I Woke Up
  3. Monterey
  4. Moulin Rouge
  5. Song To The Siren
  6. Jungle Fire
  7. Starsailor
  8. The Healing Festival
  9. Down By The Borderline


  1. Move With Me
  2. Get On Top
  3. Sweet Surrender
  4. Nighthawkin’
  5. Devil Eyes
  6. Hong Kong Bar
  7. Make It Right


  1. Danang – Takes 7+8 Intercut
  2. Sing A Song For You – Take 11
  3. Buzzin’ Fly – Take 3
  4. Song To The Siren – Take 7
  5. Happy Time – Take 14
  6. Sing A Song For You – Take 8
  7. Chase The Blues Away – Take 3
  8. Hi Lily, Hi Lo – Take 7
  9. Buzzin’ Fly – Take 9
  10. Wayfaring Stranger – Take 4
  11. Ashbury Park – Version 1, Take 8
  12. Ashbury Park – Version 2, Take 14
  13. Ashbury Park – Version 2, Take 25, Labelled Master
  14. Dream Letter – Takes 17-16 Intercut
  15. The Father Song – Take 3
  16. The Fiddler – Rough Mix








Tim Buckley recorded a diverse body of music between 1966 and 1972 which included six studio albums and memorable songs like Aren’t You The Girl, Dolphins, and Song To The Siren.

Rhino brings together the music Buckley recorded during that period with a new boxed set which includes all six of his studio albums, as well as a posthumous compilation of his music recorded between 1967 and 1968. TIM BUCKLEY: THE COMPLETE ALBUM COLLECTION will be available on October 13th.

The set includes: Tim Buckley (1966), Goodbye and Hello (1967), Happy Sad (1969), Blue Afternoon (1969), Lorca (1970), Starsailor (1970), Greetings From L.A. (1972), and Works In Progress (1999). Each album is presented in a sleeve that replicates the original release’s artwork. All seven discs are presented in a clamshell box.

Few artists have experienced a musical evolution as complete and far-reaching as the one Buckley underwent in the sixties and early seventies. His early days playing folk clubs in Los Angeles informed the sound of Tim Buckley and Goodbye and Hello – which included introspective songs like I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain and Pleasant Street.

The singer began to inject elements of jazz into his next two records – Happy Sad and Blue Afternoon – with songs like Strange Feelin’ and Blue Melody. Vibraphonist David Friedman joined Buckley and his band in the studio, and was featured prominently on both albums. Around this time, Buckley also started using his voice as an instrument to complement the dynamics of the music, especially on Gypsy Woman, which went on to become a concert staple.

Buckley embraced a more avant-garde approach to music on Lorca and Starsailor, the latter featuring his best-known song, Song To The Siren. The song has been covered by a number of artists, including Robert Plant, George Michael and This Mortal Coil. The final studio album in the new collection is Greetings From L.A., a record that introduced funk rhythms to Buckley’s musical repertoire.

The final disc – Works In Progress – is a compilation of studio outtakes Buckley recorded between 1967 and 1968, which was originally released in 1999 by Rhino Handmade.

The Complete Album Collection (CD8) • The Complete Album Collection (CD8) • The Complete Album Collection (CD8) • The Complete Album Collection (CD8) •

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