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Unattended Luggage

Nick Mason CD3

Unattended Luggage (2018)

Format: CD3

Šifra: 190295660147


  1. Can't Get My Motor to Start
  2. I Was Wrong
  3. Siam
  4. Hot River
  5. Boo To You Too
  6. Do Ya?
  7. Wervin'
  8. I'm a Mineralist


  1. Malta
  2. Lie for a Lie
  3. Rhoda
  4. Profiles, pt 1/ pt 2
  5. Israel
  6. And the Address
  7. Mumbo Jumbo
  8. Zip Code
  9. Black Ice
  10. At the End of the Day
  11. Profiles, pt3


  1. Goldwaters
  2. Remember Mike
  3. Where Are You Joany?
  4. Dry Junk
  5. Present
  6. The Thrift Store
  7. Ritual
  8. Globe
  9. Discovery & Recoil
  10. Anne Mason
  11. Mendoza
  12. World of Appearances
  13. Sacrifice Dance
  14. White of the Eye





The 31st August 2018 will see the release of the Nick Mason Unattended Luggage boxed set which brings together the Pink Floyd’s drummers three solo releases Nick Mason’s Fictitious Sports , Profiles  and White Of The Eyes together in one package.

Unattended Luggage will be released as a 3LP vinyl set in a triple gatefold sleeve and  a 3 CD box with the individual album in pochettes all housed in a clamshell box and digitally for download and streaming.

Nick Mason’s Fictitious Sports was the Floyd’s drummers first solo release in May 1981, the song were all written by American jazz pianist Carla Bley and all sung by Robert Wyatt except ‘Can't Get My Motor to Start’

Profiles his second studio release with 10cc guitarist Rick Fenn released in July 1985. Mostly made up of instrumental tracks with the exception of "Lie for a Lie", with vocal by Maggie Reilly and Masons Pink Floyd band mate David Gilmour; and "Israel" which featured  UFO’s Danny Peyronel on vocals.

White Of The Eyes the third album again with Rick Fenn is the original sound track to the British film of the same name released in 1987.

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