Now Playing (Limited) (Sea Blue Vinyl)

Al Stewart


  1. On the Border (Single Version)
  2. Year of the Cat (Single Version)
  3. Time Passages (Single Version) (2021 Remaster)
  4. Lord Grenville (2020 Remaster)
  5. Song on the Radio (Single Version) (2021 Remaster)


  1. Broadway Hotel
  2. Flying Sorcery
  3. Almost Lucy
  4. Midnight Rocks
  5. Running Man (Single Version)


Celebrate the summer with Rhino; starting July 5, Rhino’s Sounds of the Summer will bring 24 exclusive, limited-edition vinyl releases each Friday of the month. Also rolling out this month are several titles from the Now Playing collection, a curated series of Greatest Hits from Warner Music’s legendary artists such as George Benson, Hall & Oats, Sonny & Cher, and Van Morrison. Sounds of Summer 2024 will also feature releases from Crosby, Stills & Nash, The Doobie Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, and Grateful Dead. 

All releases will be available exclusively at select brick-and-mortar retail stores while supplies last.

Now Playing (Limited) (Sea Blue Vinyl) • Now Playing (Limited) (Sea Blue Vinyl) • Now Playing (Limited) (Sea Blue Vinyl) • Now Playing (Limited) (Sea Blue Vinyl) •

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