Round And Round: Progressive Sounds of 1974

Various Artists


  1. Camel: Freefall
  2. Barclay James Harvest: Negative Earth 
  3. Jethro Tull: Skating Away (On The Thin Ice Of A New Day) 
  4. Quicksand: Flying  
  5. Kevin Ayers: Didn’t Feel Lonely ‘Til I Thought Of You 
  6. Darryl Way's Wolf: Black September 
  7. Hatfield and The North: Son Of “There’s No Place Like Homerton” 
  8. Be Pop Deluxe: Jets At Dawn 
  9. Jack Bruce: Keep It Down
  10. Keith Christmas: Foothills 
  11. Caravan: Virgin On The Ridiculous 
  12. Gong: Master Builder
  13. Strawbs: Hero And Heroine (Early Version) 
  14. Stackridge: God Speed The Plough


  1. Nektar: Fidgety Queen 
  2. Peter Hammill : Tapeworm 
  3. Gravy Train: Staircase To The Day 
  4. Strawbs: Round And Round (Early Version) 
  5. Budgie: Zoom Club 
  6. Steve Swindells: I Can’t See Where The Light Switch Is  
  7. Greenslade: Joie De Vivre 
  8. Stackridge: The Last Plimsoll 
  9. Renaissance: Mother Russia   
  10. Traffic: Dream Gerard
  11. Jethro Tull: Bungle In The Jungle
  12. Barclay James Harvest: Mockingbird (Live) 


  1. Keith Christmas: Brighter Day
  2. Man: Scotch Corner 
  3. Man: Exit 
  4. PFM: The World Became The World  
  5. Gravy Train: Starlight Starbright 
  6. Procol Harum: Drunk Again 
  7. Refugee: Ritt Mickley  
  8. Hatfield And The North: Let’s Eat Real Soon  
  9. Traffic: Graveyard People
  10. Kayak: Trust In The Machine
  11. Darryl Way’s Wolf: The Envoy 
  12. Nektar: Early Morning Clown 
  13. Neutrons: Living In The World Today 
  14. Hawkwind: The Psychedelic Warlords 
  15. Be Pop Deluxe: Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape


  1. Todd Rundgren’s Utopia: Utopia Theme 
  2. Renaissance: Black Flame
  3. Caravan: Mirror For The Day 
  4. Robin Trower: Bridge Of Sighs 
  5. Camel: Lady Fantasy 
  6. Hawkwind: Paradox
  7. Peter Hammill: Red Shift 
  8. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band: Anthem
  9. PFM Just Look Away 
  10. Gong: A Sprinkling Of Clouds

Round And Round: Progressive Sounds of 1974 • Round And Round: Progressive Sounds of 1974 • Round And Round: Progressive Sounds of 1974 • Round And Round: Progressive Sounds of 1974 •

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