Victor (Limited) (Clear Vinyl)

Alex Lifeson


  1. Don't Care
  2. Promise
  3. Start Today
  4. Mr. X (Instrumental)


  1. At the End
  2. Sending Out a Warning
  3. Shut Up Shuttin' Up
  4. Strip and Go Naked (Instrumental)


  1. The Big Dance
  2. Victor
  3. I Am the Spirit


  1. Cherry Lopez Lullaby (Instrumental)
  2. Serbs (Instrumental)
  3. Kroove (Instrumental)
  4. Banjo Bob (Instrumental)


In an exciting announcement for Rush fans and rock enthusiasts alike, Anthem Records in Canada and Rhino Records will reissue the first-ever solo albums of Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee. Lifeson’s 1996 album Victor and Lee’s 2000 offering My Favourite Headache will be re-released on August 9, 2024, in various formats, including a range of vinyl configurations.

Victor, originally released on January 9, 1996, marks Alex Lifeson’s solo debut. Lifeson took on the roles of songwriter, producer, and mixer for this album. For the first time, Victor will be available on vinyl, featuring a complete remix by Lifeson himself to enhance the audio quality. The fourth side of the album includes four instrumental tracks previously exclusive to Lifeson’s website. Guest artists include lead vocalist Edwin from I Mother Earth, Primus bassist Les Claypool, and Canadian powerhouse vocalist Lisa Dalbello. The 15-song collection is paired with striking 2024 reimagined artwork by Fantoons Animation Studios.

As a Rush Backstage exclusive, Alex Lifeson will personally autograph 1,000 lithographs to be included with the Ruby Translucent 2LPs, which are available only through the Rush Backstage web store.

Victor will be available in the following editions: Ruby Translucent 2LP (Rush Backstage Exclusive, limited to 1,000 units), Blue Translucent 2LP (Exclusive to Canada, limited to 1,000 units), Crystal Clear Translucent 2LP (Exclusive to U.S. & ROW), Standard Black 2LP, CD and Standard & HD/HRA Digital.

Victor (Limited) (Clear Vinyl) • Victor (Limited) (Clear Vinyl) • Victor (Limited) (Clear Vinyl) • Victor (Limited) (Clear Vinyl) •

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