Wake Of The Flood (50th Anniversary Release) (Deluxe Edition)

Grateful Dead Grateful Dead


  1. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo
  2. Let Me Sing Your Blues Away
  3. Row Jimmy
  4. Stella Blue
  5. Here Comes Sunshine
  6. Eyes Of The World
  7. Weather Report Suite
  8. Eyes Of The World (Demo) (Bonus Track)
  9. Here Comes Sunshine (Demo) (Bonus Track)



  1. Weather Report Suite
  2. Morning Dew
  3. Playing In The Band
  4. Uncle John’s Band
  5. Playing In The Band
  6. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo


Original album 50th remaster + Bonus Content

50th Anniversary Remaster of the debut album from the band’s own label, GRATEFUL DEAD RECORDS.

With the recent passing of founding member Ron “Pigpen” McKernan and temporary exit of drummer, Mickey Hart, this 1973 release introduces a fresh lineup that includes newest members Keith and Donna Godchaux on keys and vocals.

Features “Eyes Of The World,” “Stella Blue,” and “Mississippi Half-Step.”

Bonus disc

Upon the release of Wake Of The Flood on October 15, 1973, the Grateful Dead hit the road for a brief tour starting on October 19 in Oklahoma City and ending on November 1 in Evanston, Illinois, and it is from this final night that the bonus material on the 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Wake Of The Flood is drawn. Book-ended with two songs from the new album (“Weather Report Suite” and “Mississippi Half-Step”), this Deluxe Edition features one of the most creative and inspired jams of the entire tour, with its unique “Morning Dew”>”Playing In The Band”>”Uncle John's Band”>”Playing In The Band” sequence. As with all of the Dead's 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition releases, this live disc of music perfectly complements the studio album that it accompanies.

Disc One features Plangent Processes tape restoration and speed correction

50th Anniversary Remaster by David Glasser,

Produced for Release by David Lemieux.

Wake Of The Flood (50th Anniversary Release) (Deluxe Edition) • Wake Of The Flood (50th Anniversary Release) (Deluxe Edition) • Wake Of The Flood (50th Anniversary Release) (Deluxe Edition) • Wake Of The Flood (50th Anniversary Release) (Deluxe Edition) •

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