Yessingles (Coloured Vinyl) (Exclusive) (Limited)

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  1. Your Move (Single Version)
  2. Starship Trooper: Life Seeker (Single Version)
  3. Roundabout (Single Version)
  4. America (Single Edit)
  5. And You And I (Part One) (Promo Radio Edit)
  6. Soon (Single Edit)


  1. Sound Chaser (Single Edit)
  2. Wondorous Stories (Single Version)
  3. Don’t Kill The Whale (Single Version)
  4. Into The Lens (Single Version)
  5. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Single Version)
  6. Leave It (Single Remix)


We will release a brand new compilation featuring the band’s A-side singles for the first time on vinyl. Includes: Roundabout, Owner of a Lonely Heart, Starship Trooper: Life Seeker and more!

Yessingles (Coloured Vinyl) (Exclusive) (Limited) • Yessingles (Coloured Vinyl) (Exclusive) (Limited) • Yessingles (Coloured Vinyl) (Exclusive) (Limited) • Yessingles (Coloured Vinyl) (Exclusive) (Limited) •

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