Belgica O.s.t. (RSD)



  1. CHARLOTTE – The Best Thing
  2. SHITZ – How Long 
  3. RUBBER BAND – Caoutchouc 
  4. WHITE VIRGINS – Turn Off The Light


  1. LIGHT BULB MATRIX – Hot December
  2. KURSAT 9000 – Çölde Kutup Ayisi 
  3. ERASMUS – Ti Ricordi Di Me 
  4. BURNING PHLEGM – Nothing


  1. AQUAZUL – Slippy Fingers 
  2. ROLAND MCBETH – Don’t Wait Up For Me
  3. DIPLOMA – Got Any Chris Rea? 
  4. THEY LIVE – The Cookie Crumbles 


  1. DANYEL GALAXY – Cybernetic Permutations In The Key Of A 
  2. SHITZ – Sell It With Your Face 
  3. ROBERT VANDERWIEL – Nine Thousand Eyes
  4. NOAH'S DARK – Inward



A Record Store Day 2017 item. 
Soundtrack to a Belgian film about two brothers who run a hedonistic nightclub in Ghent, Soulwax's hometown. For the sixteen-track album, the band invented fifteen fictional personas, each with its own sound, aesthetic, and backstory that draw from different decades of club culture.

Belgica O.s.t. (RSD) • Belgica O.s.t. (RSD) • Belgica O.s.t. (RSD) • Belgica O.s.t. (RSD) •

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