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Albert Roussel Edition (CD11)

Various Artists CD BOX

Albert Roussel Edition (CD11) (2019)

Format: CD BOX - Glasba

Code: 190295489168


  1. Suite, Op.14 L.15 for piano (1909-1910)
  2. Sonatine, Op.16 L.18 for piano (1912)
  3. L'accueil des Muses, L.27 (1920)
  4. Prélude et fugue, Op.46 L.58 (1932-34)
  5. Trois pièces, Op.49 L.62 for piano (1933)
  6. Segovia, Op.29 L.34 for guitar (1925)            
  7. Impromptu, Op.21 L.23 for harp (1919)
  8. Joueurs de flûte, Op.27 L.32 for flute & piano (1924)


  1. Sonata for violin and piano No.2, Op.28 L.33 (1924)
  2. Sérénade, Op.30 L.36 for flute, harp & strings (1925)
  3. Trio, Op.40 L.51 for flute, viola & cello (1929)
  4. String Trio, Op.58 L.73 (1937)
  5. String Quartet in D major, Op.45 L.57 (1931-1932)


  1. Piano Concerto, Op.36 L.44 (1927)
  2. Concertino for cello & orchestra, Op.57 L.72 (1936)
  3. Résurrection, Op.4 L.4 symphonic prelude after Tolstoy (1903)
  4. Symphony No.1 in D minor, Op.7 L.8 “Le Poème de la forêt” (1904-1906)        


  1. Évocations, Op.15 L.16 for contralto, tenor, baritone, chorus & orchestra (1910-1911)                    
  2. Le Festin de l’araignée, Op.17 L.19 Ballet-pantomine (1912-1913)
  3. CD5
  4. Symphony No.2 in B-flat, Op.23 L.26 (1919-1921)
  5. Pour une fête de printemps, Op.22 L.25 (1920)
  6. anfare pour un sacre païen L.28 for brass ensemble (1921)
  7. Suite in F major, Op.33 L.39 (1926)                
  8. Concert, Op.34 L.41 for small orchestra (1926-1927)


  1. Le Bardit des Francs, L.40 for male choir, brass instruments & percussion (1926)
  2. Madrigal aux muses, Op.25 L.30 for three unaccompanied female voices (1923)
  3. Psaume LXXX, Op.37 L.46 for tenor, chorus & orchestra (1928)
  4. Petite Suite, Op.39 L.50 (1929)
  5. Symphony No.3 in G minor, Op.42 L.53 (1929-1930)


  1. Bacchus et Ariane, Op.43 L.54 Suites arranged from the ballet in two acts (1930)
  2. A Glorious Day, Op.48 L.61 (1932)
  3. Sinfonietta, Op.52 L.66 for string orchestra (1934)
  4. Symphony No.4 in A major, Op.53 L.67 (1934)


  1. Aeneas, Op.54 L.68 Ballet for chorus and orchestra in one act (1935)
  2. Les Rêves L.82 (ca 1898-1900) (a)
  3. Quatre poèmes, Op.3 L.3 (1903) (b)
  4. Quatre poèmes, Op.8 L.9 (1907) (a, c, d)
  5. Flammes, Op.10 L.11 (1908) (a)


  1. La Menace, Op.9 L.10 (1908) (b)
  2. Deux poèmes chinois, Op.12 L.13 (1907-1908) (b, c)
  3. Deux mélodies, Op.19 L.21 (1918) (b, d)
  4. Deux mélodies, Op.20 L.22 (1919) (b, d)
  5. Deux poèmes de Ronsard, Op.26 L.31 (1924) with flute accompaniment (c)
  6. Odes anacréontiques, Opp.31 & 32 L.37 & L.38 (1926) (d)
  7. Deux poèmes chinois, Op.35 L.43 (1927) (c)
  8. Vocalise No.1 L.45 (1927) (c)
  9. Ô bon vin, où as-tu crû ? L.47 (1928) (d)
  10. Vocalise No.2 L.48 (1928) (a)
  11. Jazz dans la nuit, Op.38 L.49 (1928) (c)
  12. A Flower Given to my Daughter, L.55 (1931) (b)
  13. Deux idylles, Op.44 L.56 (1931) (c)
  14. Deux poèmes chinois, Op.47 L.60 (1932) (c)
  15. Deux mélodies, Op.50 L.63(1933-1934) (a, b)
  16. Deux mélodies, Op.55 L.69 (1935) (a)


  1. Padmâvatî, Op.18 L.20 Opera ballet in two acts (1913-1918) (Act I, Act II Scenes 1&2)


  1. Padmâvatî, Op.18 L.20 Opera ballet in two acts (1913-1918) (Act II Scene 3)
  2. Le Festin de l’araignée, Op.17 L.19 Symphonic fragments (1912-1913)
  3. Albert Roussel speaks
  4. La Naissance de la lyre, Op.24 L.29 (excerpt)         
  5. Le Jardin mouillé, Op.3 No.3 L.3                     
  6. Invocation, Op.8 No.2 L.9                                                    
  7. Amoureux séparés, Op.12 No.2 L.13                                               
  8. Light, Op.19 No.1 L.21           
  9. Sarabande, Op.20 No.2 L.22    
  10. Jazz dans la nuit, Op.38     L.49      
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