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Lawrence Brownlee, Kevin J. Miller CD

Rising (2023)

Format: CD - Glasba

Code: 5054197563713

  1. Beauty That Is Never Old (James Weldon Johnson) 
  2. The Gift to Sing (James Weldon Johnson) 
  3. To America (James Weldon Johnson) 
  4. April Song (Langston Hughes) 
  5. Lost Illusions (Georgia Douglas Johnson) 
  6. Southern Mansion (Arna Bontemps) 
  7. I Know My Soul (Claude McKay) 
  8. Dance of Love (Countee Cullen) 
  9. Poème D'automne (Langston Hughes) 
  10. Winter Moon (Langston Hughes) 
  11. Young Love in Spring (Langston Hughes) 
  12. Summer Storm (Langston Hughes) 
  13. Supplication (Joseph Seamon Cotter, Jr.) 
  14. Compensation (Paul Laurence Dunbar) 
  15. My People (Langston Hughes) 
  16. Peace (Georgia Douglas Johnson) 
  17. Invocation (Claude McKay) 
  18. Romance (Claude McKay) 
  19. Desire (Langston Hughes) 
  20. Dream (Langston Hughes) 
  21. Juliet (Langston Hughes) 
  22. Man (Langston Hughes) 
  23. In Time of Silver Rain (Langston Hughes) 
  24. Fulfillment (Langston Hughes) 
  25. Night Song (Langston Hughes) 
  26. Silence (Langston Hughes) 
  27. Carolina Cabin (Langston Hughes) 
  28. Songs (Langston Hughes) 
  29. Sleep (Langston Hughes) 
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