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The Sound Of Cuba

Various Artists CD3

The Sound Of Cuba (2017)

Format: CD3 - Glasba

Code: 190295861063


  1. Anonymus: Flor de venganza
  2. Miguel Campanioni: Rosalba
  3. Angel Almenares: Cajón del muerto
  4. Oscar Hernandez: Ella y yo
  5. Carlos Manuel Delgado: Si fuera como tú
  6. Miguel Campanioni: A Herminia
  7. Daniel Castillo: El misterio de tus ojos
  8. Daniel Castillo: ¿Y tú qué has hecho?
  9. Manuel Corona: A una coqueta
  10. Eugenio Portuondo: Tarde dominical
  11. Miguel Campanioni: A la orilla del mar
  12. Salvador Adams: Sublime Illusión
  13. Cristobal Dale: Entre flores moriré
  14. Rafael Gomes: Si volvieras a mi


  1. Ernesto Lecuona: La Comparsa
  2. Ernesto Lecuona: Danza Lucumi
  3. Ernesto Lecuona: A la Antigua
  4. Leo Brouwer: Preludio (Suite No. 2)
  5. Carlos Farinas: Canción triste
  6. Carlos Farinas: Preludio
  7. Enrique Ubieta: New York Rush
  8. Hector Angulo: Cantos Yoruba de Cuba: I. Asokere I
  9. Hector Angulo: Cantos Yoruba de Cuba: II. Suayo
  10. Hector Angulo: Cantos Yoruba de Cuba: III. Iyá mí ilé
  11. Hector Angulo: Cantos Yoruba de Cuba: IV. Borotití
  12. Hector Angulo: Cantos Yoruba de Cuba: V. Asokere II
  13. Hector Angulo: Cantos Yoruba de Cuba: VI. Iyá mo dupé
  14. Hector Angulo: Cantos Yoruba de Cuba: VII. Yeye bi obi tosuo
  15. Hector Angulo: Cantos Yoruba de Cuba: VIII. E Iekua
  16. Hector Angulo: Cantos Yoruba de Cuba: IX. Asokere III
  17. Jose Ardevol: Preludio
  18. Jose Ardevol: Variaciones
  19. Jose Ardevol: Danzas
  20. Leo Brouwer: Exordium-conjuro
  21. Leo Brouwer: Danza de las diosas negras


  1. Ernesto Lecuona: Preludio en la noche
  2. Ernesto Lecuona: La conga de media noche
  3. Ernesto Lecuona: Canción de luna
  4. Ernesto Lecuona: Ella y yo
  5. Ernesto Lecuona: Vals arabesque
  6. Ernesto Lecuona: Vals maravilloso
  7. Ernesto Lecuona: Vals brillante
  8. Ernesto Lecuona: Vals apasionado
  9. Ernesto Lecuona: Vals patetico
  10. Ernesto Lecuona: Vals romantico
  11. Ernesto Lecuona: Vals poetico
  12. Ernesto Lecuona: Danza negra
  13. Ernesto Lecuona: ¡ ... Y Ja negra bailaba!
  14. Ernesto Lecuona: Yo te quiero siempre
  15. Ernesto Lecuona: La comparsa
  16. Ernesto Lecuona: Ante EI
  17. Ernesto Lecuona: San Francisco EI Grande
  18. Ernesto Lecuona: Danza de los ñañigos
  19. Ernesto Lecuona: La habanera
  20. Ernesto Lecuona: Danza lucumí
  21. Ernesto Lecuona: Bell-Flower
  22. Ernesto Lecuona: La cardenense
  23. Ernesto Lecuona: Mazurka glissando 




Popular songs from Casa de la Trova, Cuban guitar music feat. Manuel Barrueco and Cuban piano music with Kathryn Stott: the authentic Sound of Cuba in a three-album compilation

The first things that come to mind when you think of Cuba? Cigars, colourful vintage cars… and sultry, sensual music. The three-album compilation The Sound of Cuba captures the spirit of authentic music from the island nation. The collection also features the iconic album Casa de la Trova – Santiago de Cuba’s answer to Havana’s Buena Vista Social Club!

In 1999, Havana-born guitarist Manuel Barrueco made a tribute to his homeland with the album Cuba! Featuring such greats as Ernesto Lecuona, Héctor Angulo, and Leo Brouwer, the release enjoys legendary status as a Cuban music classic. The child prodigy, pianist and bandleader Ernesto Lecuona, known as the ‘South American Gershwin’, created an oeuvre of more than 600 melodies, all infused with that irresistible Cuban flavour and rhythm. He takes centre stage on the 1999 piano album Habanera, with Kathryn Stott interpreting his music. On this album the English pianist brings Lecuona, who died in 1963 and who had been long forgotten in the West, to a new public falling under the spell of his lively music.

With music from the renowned Casa de la Trova, The Sound of Cuba box set brings the listener right to the heart of Cuban music. It was here in Santiago de Cuba with the Trova singers and guitarists that the country’s vibrant music-making culture emerged. This became the root of many other Latin-American styles that spread all over the world. 

Price: 16,99 €

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