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Klemen Klemen CD2

S3P (2015)

Format: CD2 - Glasba

Code: 3830005825912


  1. Intro (Kmetija)
  2. LikeRepostAdd to playlist
  3. Life Of Ni Ga
  4. Repr Al Nis feat. Unknown & Ballau
  5. Ženske
  6. Skit (Ninja Na Motorju)
  7. Puzabl Smo Na Bolši Svet feat. Zlatko
  8. Pirat Walk
  9. Igra feat. Alkomobb
  10. Na Drugo Stran feat. Ballau & Kosta
  11. Skit (Japonska)
  12. Glavo V Oblakih
  13. Moja Lepa Soseda feat. Bobi Vejn & King
  14. Keš Tip
  15. Skit (Na Pumpi)
  16. Pridte Na Party feat. T-Set
  17. FBS (Fafing Bradr System)
  18. Ohio feat. Gape
  19. Vsak Člouk Ma Svoj Svet
  20. Ljubezen
  21. Outro (Mitraljez)


  1. SP3000
  2. Prepovedane Plate
  3. Prašiči Na Prašiče
  4. Tut Prou
  5. Zmagovita Dirka (Z Dubzillo)
  6. FBS (Fafing Bradr System)(V Živo Na Izštekanih)
  7. Prepovedane Plate (V Živo Na Izštekanih)
  8. Glavo V Oblakih (V Živo Na Izštekanih)
  9. Ljubezen (V Živo Z Big Bandom RTV Slovenija)
  10. Puzabl Smo Na Bolši Svet feat. Anika Horvat (V Živo Z Big Bandom RTV Slovenija)
  11. FBS (Fafing Bradr System)(V Živo Z Big Bandom RTV Slovenija)
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  Name Album Author Duration Price
01 Intro (Kmetija) S3P Klemen Klemen ... 00:39 0,99    
02 Life Off A Ni Ga S3P Klemen Klemen ... 04:19 0,99    
2-01 Sp3000 S3P Klemen Klemen ... 03:27 0,99    
2-02 Prepovedane Plate S3P Klemen Klemen ... 03:35 0,99    
2-03 Prašiči Na Prašiče S3P Klemen Klemen ... 04:10 0,99    
2-04 Tut Prou S3P Klemen Klemen ... 04:52 0,99    
2-05 Zmagovita Dirka (Z Dubzillo) S3P Klemen Klemen ... 04:48 0,99    
2-06 FBS (Fafing Bradr System) (V Ži S3P Klemen Klemen ... 04:28 0,99    
2-07 Prepovedane Plate (V Živo Na Iz S3P Klemen Klemen ... 03:32 0,99    
2-08 Glavo V Oblakih (V Živo Na Izšt S3P Klemen Klemen ... 04:23 0,99    
2-09 Ljubezen (V Živo Z Big Bandom R S3P Klemen Klemen ... 05:25 0,99    
2-10 Puzabl Smo Na Bolši Svet Featur S3P Klemen Klemen ... 05:03 0,99    
2-11 FBS (Fafing Bradr System) (V Ži S3P Klemen Klemen ... 03:57 0,99    
03 Repr Al Nis Featuring Unknown & B S3P Klemen Klemen ... 04:34 0,99    
04 Ženske S3P Klemen Klemen ... 04:08 0,99    
05 Skit (Ninja Na Motorju) S3P Klemen Klemen ... 00:42 0,99    
06 Puzabl Smo Na Bolši Svet Featurin S3P Klemen Klemen ... 04:46 0,99    
07 Pirat Walk S3P Klemen Klemen ... 04:30 0,99    
08 Igra Featuring Alkomobb S3P Klemen Klemen ... 05:51 0,99    
09 Na Drugo Stran Featuring Ballau & S3P Klemen Klemen ... 03:55 0,99    
10 Skit (Japonska) S3P Klemen Klemen ... 00:33 0,99    
11 Glavo V Oblakih S3P Klemen Klemen ... 04:04 0,99    
12 Moja Lepa Soseda Featuring Bobi V S3P Klemen Klemen ... 06:07 0,99    
13 Ke$ Tip S3P Klemen Klemen ... 03:30 0,99    
14 Skit (Na Pumpi) S3P Klemen Klemen ... 00:35 0,99    
15 Pridte Na Party Featuring T-Set S3P Klemen Klemen ... 05:54 0,99    
16 FBS (Fafing Bradr System) S3P Klemen Klemen ... 03:30 0,99    
17 Ohio Featuring Gape S3P Klemen Klemen ... 05:10 0,99    
18 Vsak Člouk Ma Svoj Svet S3P Klemen Klemen ... 04:51 0,99    
19 Ljubezen S3P Klemen Klemen ... 05:06 0,99    
20 Outro (Mitraljez) S3P Klemen Klemen ... 02:05 0,99    
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Klemen Klemen

Klemen Klemen, slovenian rapper, 1977, Ljubljana. In the year 2000 he recorded an album ‘Trnow Stajl’, where he had popular songs like Keš Pičke and Jst sm umrl. In 2003, he recorded ‘Hipnoza’ with the hit ‘Šnopc’. He has also worked with Simon Stojko Falk and famous musicians, like Vlado Kreslin. In a year 2005 he made track called “Tut Prou” for the mixtape called “Hiphop Miksmash Vol.1” hosting by MC Murat and DJ Fu. He also featured two tracks with “Pasji Kartel” for the album called “Kartelova Teorija”, names of the tracks are “Naj Prjatu II.del” and “Kadar Pozabm”. He also featured recently on Trkaj’s new album on the track “1 MF 2”.


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