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Da Bang (180g)

Gregory Hutchinson LP2

Da Bang (180g) (2023)

Format: LP2 - Glasba

Code: 190296310584


  1. Straight from the Heart (Feat. Leona Berlin, Karriem Riggins)
  2. What's Best for Us (Feat. PJ)
  3. So Confused (Feat. Kameron Corvet)
  4. Angels Around (Feat. Tim Smith)


  1. Crazy Games (Feat. Leona Berlin)
  2. Nansi:{2026}ansi:{2026}ansi:{2026}..az (Skit)
  3. My Turn Now (Feat. Kameron Corvet)
  4. Losing You (Feat. Leona Berlin)


  1. Last Time We Gonna Polite
  2. New Dawn (Feat. Liselotte östblom)
  3. Blow My Mind / Let's Take It Back (Feat. Sy Smith, Javier Starks)


  1. Sugar Bang Bang (Skit)
  2. We Got Drums (Feat. Javier Starks, Soweto Kinch)
  3. When They're Gone (Feat. Samora)
  4. Fly Away (Feat. Nicholas Peyton)



Release date: Friday, 29 September 2023.

Release date for preorders: Friday, 29 September 2023

Price: 28,99 €

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