This Is Why

Monday, 20 February 2023

Paramore z novim albumom

This Is Why

Po nizu treh energičnih singlov je težko pričakovani, šesti studijski album skupine Paramore 'This is Why' končno TU.

Poslušalci BBC Radia One v Veliki Britaniji so jo razglasili za "najbolj vročo ploščo leta".

V času, odkar je z grammyjem nagrajena skupina z več platinastimi nakladami RIAA izdala svoj zadnji album After Laughter – in je Hayley Williams predstavila dva hvaljena solo albuma, so Paramore postali bolj priljubljeni kot kdaj koli prej. Skupina,ki je pred slabimi20-imi leti nastala v Tennesseeju, je na svoji poti iz mladostnih avtsajderjev prerasla v ikone pop kulture.





Neisha (real name Neža Buh), born on January 5, 1982 in Ljubljana, is a Slovenian pianist and pop singer. Being born into a music family, Neža’s music talent were noticed during her childhood so she entered a music school (first in Cerkno, then in Škofja Loka) and continued at Ljubljana’s High School of Music and Ballet. As she was very successful at several contests in piano music and solfeggio, the school awarded her a prestigious Škerjanc award in 2003. In 2000 she became a student of the Music Academy in Ljubljana. Besides the classical music she collaborated with many commercial pop and rock artists (among others Terrafolk, Big Foot Mama) as an arranger, backup vocalist or keyboard player etc. Her solo career started in 2005. Her first single, Planet za zadet (English version of this song was titled Straight to the Moon), was ...




Action was born and raised in Flushing, Queens. He is of Albanian descent. He used to be a respected fire-flame gourmet chef in New York City, but gave up cooking for a rap career and still frequently raps about food in his songs. He has gained notoriety lyrically and stylistically resembling to rapper Ghostface Killah (who he collaborated with, along with friend, and fellow rapper Termanology on a song called “Meteor Hammer” on Wu-Tang Clan’s 2011 album Legendary Weapons). In an interview with HipHopDX, he was asked about how it was to sound like him, and he responded with, “Yeah, I mean at the end of the day, it’s all good because Ghostface Killah is one of the best rappers alive, so if I sound similar to the best rapper alive then that is fine. To me there is no comparison; he is a legend and I am a newcomer. If I would try and ...




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