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Slovensko Srce

Manca Izmajlova CD

Slovensko Srce (2008)

Format: CD - Glasba

Code: 3830005825219

Manca IzmajlovaThe renowned star of the Slovene artistic milieu has been performing for years at elite events and stages around the world. Rich velvety voice timbre, talent, feeling for natural beauty and professionalism have enchanted numberless listeners at her concerts, more than 300 by today.Her repertoire is vast and she sings in 15 languages – classical pieces, folk songs, numerous songs from musicals and movies, popular songs of all styles, jazz standards... Her artistic journey is also interesting. She studied acting and musical theatre at the Mountview Theatre Academy in London and then continued her education as a classical singer (mezzo-soprano) at the Academic Music College of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow. In the past she was also a TV hostess of her own show at the Slovene national TV, a theatre actress and director. She still occasionally works as a hostess of prestigious events, often in English and in Russian. At the present she is living in Slovenia and promoting extensive international music projects called “Slavic Soul” and Slovene Heart. This unique in the world music projects were recorded with Russian State Symphony Cinema Orchestra at the Moscow Philharmonic.

In vendar enkrat še, srce
Slovenskega naroda sin
Venček melodij iz slovenskih filmov: Cvetje v jeseni,Vesna,Ne čakaj na maj
Roža tam v vrtu
Poletna noč
Dan ljubezni
Po jezeru
Čakala bom
Tam, kjer murke cveto
Nocoj pa, oh, nocoj
Sreča (II)
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  Name Album Author Duration Price
In Vendar Enkrat Še, Srce Slovensko Srce Manca Izmajlova ... 02:46 0,99    
Slovenskega Naroda Sin Slovensko Srce Manca Izmajlova ... 03:17 0,99    
Sreča Slovensko Srce Manca Izmajlova ... 03:36 0,99    
Venček Melodij Iz Slovenskih Filmov: Cvetje V Jeseni, Vesna, Ne Čakaj Na Maj Slovensko Srce Manca Izmajlova ... 05:03 0,99    
Roža Tam Na Vrtu Slovensko Srce Manca Izmajlova ... 02:40 0,99    
Poletna Noč Slovensko Srce Manca Izmajlova ... 03:32 0,99    
Dan Ljubezni Slovensko Srce Manca Izmajlova ... 03:16 0,99    
Po Jezeru Slovensko Srce Manca Izmajlova ... 02:15 0,99    
Čakala Bom Slovensko Srce Manca Izmajlova ... 02:30 0,99    
Tam Kjer Murke Cveto Slovensko Srce Manca Izmajlova ... 03:32 0,99    
Nocoj Pa, Oh Nocoj Slovensko Srce Manca Izmajlova ... 03:00 0,99    
Sreča (II) Slovensko Srce Manca Izmajlova ... 03:00 0,99    
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Manca Izmajlova

Manca was born in a family of music lovers. She was getting acquainted with classical music and opera from an early age. She attended music school and played the flute for several years but very soon gave her heart to singing. At the age of fifteen she took her first singing lessons and one year later came her first solo performance. She sang Memory from the musical Cats at the “First Voice of Gorenjska” competition and won second prize. Soon after that her almost professional journey as a singer started. Accompanied by a pianist she sang in a cocktail bar in Bled and in a café in Kranj. After watching musical Cats in Austria she decided to quit University of Law and continue her education at the Mountview Theatre Academy in London where she studied musical theatre and graduated as an actress. In her spare time she worked as a sales assistant in a boutique and during the summer sang in Slovene hotels. After leaving London she took part in an international theatre project in Africa and a year later in Germany; among other ...


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