Anđeo i vrag

Luka Basi
  1. To je to
  2. Anđeo i vrag
  3. Vilo moja jedina
  4. Kamiondžija
  5. Momačka
  6. Danas
  7. 300
  8. Prosjak
  9. Prokleto Zlato
  10. Taxi
  11. Skijaška
  12. Ljubav Mog Života
  13. Zasvirajte neko drugo veče
  14. Skrito v raju
  15. Basi Hit Mix

The popular Luka Basi is happy to present his second album "Anđeo i vrag". After a meteoric rise with his first album "LUKA BASI", which, despite the general decline in sales of physical CDs, crossed all borders and was reprinted several times both in Slovenia and Croatia, Luka promises his fans another extraordinary musical experience.

On the CD we find hits such as "To je to", "Truckman", "Taxi", "Damn Gold", "Skijaška" and many others, as well as five completely new, unreleased songs. The new album is a real sound palette that covers a wide musical spectrum: from fun, humorous songs to pop-rock with a touch of fun, to extremely emotional ballads. Basi successfully combines various musical influences, from classic Dalmatian pop music to modern party-pop rock, which maintains his breadth and loyalty to melodic music.

Anđeo i vrag • Anđeo i vrag • Anđeo i vrag • Anđeo i vrag •