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Dead Man s Pop (CD4+LP)

Replacements CD4

Dead Man's Pop (CD4+LP) (2019)

Format: CD4

Code: 603497851133


  1. Talent Show (Matt Wallace Mix)
  2. I’ll Be You (Matt Wallace Mix)
  3. We’ll Inherit The Earth (Matt Wallace Mix)
  4. Achin’ To Be (Matt Wallace Mix)
  5. Darlin’ One (Matt Wallace Mix)


  1. Back to Back (Matt Wallace Mix)
  2. I Won’t (Matt Wallace Mix)
  3. Asking Me Lies (Matt Wallace Mix)
  4. They’re Blind (Matt Wallace Mix)
  5. Anywhere’s Better Than Here (Matt Wallace Mix)
  6. Rock 'N' Roll Ghost (Matt Wallace Mix)


  1. Talent Show (Matt Wallace Mix)
  2. I’ll Be You (Matt Wallace Mix)
  3. We’ll Inherit The Earth (Matt Wallace Mix)
  4. Achin’ To Be (Matt Wallace Mix)
  5. Darlin’ One (Matt Wallace Mix)
  6. Back to Back (Matt Wallace Mix)
  7. I Won’t (Matt Wallace Mix)
  8. Asking Me Lies (Matt Wallace Mix)
  9. They’re Blind (Matt Wallace Mix)
  10. Anywhere’s Better Than Here (Matt Wallace Mix)
  11. Rock 'N' Roll Ghost (Matt Wallace Mix)


  1. Portland (Alternate Mix) (Bearsville Version)
  2. Achin' to Be (Bearsville Version)
  3. I’ll Be You (Bearsville Version)
  4. Wake Up (Alternate Mix) (Bearsville Version)
  5. We’ll Inherit The Earth (Bearsville Version)
  6. Last Thing In The World
  7. They’re Blind (Bearsville Version)
  8. Rock 'N' Roll Ghost (Bearsville Version)
  9. Darlin' One (Bearsville Version)
  10. Talent Show (Demo Version)
  11. Dance On My Planet
  12. We Know The Night (Alternate Outtake)
  13. Ought To Get Love (Alternate Mix)
  14. Gudbuy T’Jane (Outtake)
  15. Lowdown Monkey Blues (Feat. Tom Waits)
  16. If Only You Were Lonely (Feat. Tom Waits)
  17. We Know The Night (Rehearsal) (Feat. Tom Waits)
  18. We Know The Night (Full Band Version) (Feat. Tom Waits)
  19. I Can Help (Feat. Tom Waits)
  20. Date To Church (Matt Wallace Mix)         


  1. Alex Chilton (Live)
  2. Talent Show (Live)
  3. Back To Back (Live)
  4. I Don’t Know (Live)
  5. The Ledge (Live)
  6. Waitress In The Sky (Live)
  7. Anywhere's Better Than Here (Live)
  8. Nightclub Jitters (Live)
  9. Cruella De Ville (Live)
  10. Achin' To Be (Live)
  11. Asking Me Lies (Live)
  12. Bastards Of Young (Live)
  13. Answering Machine (Live)
  14. Little Mascara (Live)
  15. I’ll Be You (Live)   


  1. Darlin' One (Live)
  2. I Will Dare (Live)
  3. Another Girl, Another Planet (Live)
  4. I Won’t (Live)
  5. Unsatisfied (Live)
  6. We’ll Inherit The Earth (Live)
  7. Can’t Hardly Wait (Live)
  8. Color Me Impressed (Live)
  9. Born to Lose (Live)
  10. Never Mind (Live)
  11. Here Comes A Regular (Live)
  12. Valentine (Live)
  13. Left Of The Dial (Live)
  14. Black Diamond (Live)





The Replacements were an American rock band formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1979. Initially a punk rock band, they are considered one of the pioneers of alternative rock. 

Don’t Tell A Soul, the bands third major label release (Sire Records), is The Replacements’ best selling LP (thanks to the near top 40 hit I’ll Be You), but also the band’s most maligned record (radio-friendly production as well as a shift in sound caused grumbles from longtime ‘Mats fans). Singer and guitarist Paul Westerberg was not satisfied with the new direction, commenting: "I thought the little things I'd cut in my basement were closer to what I wanted." This is a chance to reshape the narrative, and (re)introduce the record to the fan base and beyond. By reimagining it – with a proper mix, adding rarities, and a live record bonus – we’ll be giving the Mats audience, and alternative fans in general, a variety of excellent reasons to buy on its 30th anniversary of release. (The original release date for Don’t Tell A Soul was February 1, 1989). 

We’re looking at a package built around Matt Wallace and the band’s originally intended mix of the record. It will also include tracks from the band’s first attempt at making the album in Bearsville with producer Tony Berg, plus other odds and ends from the period, including studio outtakes, alternate mixes, DOZENS of previously unreleased songs (including unheard Replacements/Tom Waits collaborations). As a bonus, there is also a full, professionally captured concert (recorded by Metro Mobile) from the May 1989 DTAS tour in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Taken in total, this creates a radically different alternate version of the Don’t Tell a Soul period than anyone has ever heard, and provides a live snapshot of the band circa ’89.


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