1. Dios
  2. Do konca
  3. Onna
  4. Ledena
  5. Da Sedere
  6. Phatyuppie
  7. Diamanti
  8. Love Love
  9. Piknik
  10. Gianna


Infra is the first contact with two newly recorded albums, the first hint, the first hunch that we can expect an incredible gift for their twentieth anniversary of creating music. 

It is the first half of a double story, which are the two albums with twenty new tracks for the twentieth anniversary of Siddharta. 

The five of them recorded Infra in their studio, Studio 13 in Ljubljana and after sixteen years the producer is again Dejan Radičević. 

For twenty years of performing, twenty new songs as Siddharta has promised. 

The first ten of them will be published on the new album Infra and it will be released at the beginning of June, while the second half will be released at the end of the year.

After buying the album - all mp3 songs - you also get the booklet.

Infra • Infra • Infra • Infra •