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Siddharta CD

Ultra (2015)

Format: CD - Glasba

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  1. Volk Q Ovce
  2. Premladi
  3. Nastalo bo
  4. Flip
  5. Korakamo
  6. Calvi
  7. Dolga pot domov
  8. Terminal
  9. In Levitation (feat. Umek)  
  10. Strele v maju (feat. Urban)
  11. Road (Bonus by Siddharta Crew)

Ultra is a continuation and an ending to a double story, and is at the same time a novelty, another contact with the albums that were created, another musical story that upgrades and evaluates the exceptional gift for the twentieth anniversary.  

Ultra is the other half of the double story, the story of two double albums with twenty unique tracks which announce twenty years of Siddharta.

The band of five recorded their second album this year in their own studio, Studio 13 in Ljubljana. The producer is again, this year for the second time, after 16 years, Dejan Radičević. For twenty years of creating music, twenty new songs, as Siddharta promised their fans. Thus the first ten songs from the album Infra, are being caught up by the next ten songs, from the album Ultra.


After buying the album - all mp3 songs - you also get the booklet.

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  Name Album Author Duration Price
Siddharta - Volk Q Ovce MP3 Ultra Siddharta 05:05 0,99    
Siddharta - Premladi MP3 Ultra Siddharta 03:34 0,99    
Siddharta - Nastalo bo MP3 Ultra Siddharta 04:37 0,99    
Siddharta - Flip MP3 Ultra Siddharta 04:12 0,99    
Siddharta - Korakamo MP3 Ultra Siddharta 04:17 0,99    
Siddharta - Calvi MP3 Ultra Siddharta 04:29 0,99    
Siddharta - Dolga pot domov MP3 Ultra Siddharta 04:30 0,99    
Siddharta - Terminal MP3 Ultra Siddharta 02:49 0,99    
Siddharta - In Levitation (feat. Umek) MP3 Ultra Siddharta 04:45 0,99    
Siddharta - Strele v maju (feat. Urban) MP3 Ultra Siddharta 05:33 0,99    
Siddharta - Road (Bonus by Siddharta Crew) MP3 Ultra Siddharta 03:53 0,99    
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Siddharta was formed in 1995 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. A rock band with two guitars, drums and a bass was later joined by a keyboard player and a saxophone player to evolve their sound into what it is known today, a sound for its uniqueness often referred to as Siddharta sound. Current members: Tomi Meglič - vocals, guitar Primož Benko - guitar Jani Hace - bass Tomaž O. Rous - keyboard Boštjan Meglič - drums Former members: Primož Majerič - bass Cene Resnik - saxophone


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