Bolero (180g) (Remaster)



  1. Bolero
  2. Ena
  3. Tv-Man
  4. Sejmeni


  1. Take the Money and Run
  2. Ja želim
  3. Šejn
  4. Šal od svile

The group Haustor is a real product of the Zagreb new wave scene and one of the clearest examples of the new wave and the combination of world music from the 1980s onwards.

With brilliant lyrics and music that can easily dominate the world scene, they have become a real brand of the Zagreb music scene. This album will place Haustor, but also Rundek, among the most important bands/authors in the history of the Croatian and regional music scene. After the reissue of the albums "Haustor" and "Trej svijet", it is time for "Bolero" to come alive again on vinyl.

"This is an album of life and film songs. Sometimes they alternate, and sometimes they are both one and the other, both life and film. The basic genre is the fake cowboy. An urban film whose main character lives like a character from a western. But life, of course, is not a western. A listener from that time would hardly be able to remember what the lyrics from the song 'Scarf of Silk' meant to him at the time, which rose above us like some kind of hymn (...) Today, 'Bolero' can be listened to in two ways: as a perfect Rundekov a time machine, which takes the listener back to another, experienced and remembered state of his world - that state sentimentally called youth - and like music that was created, here, now, and never existed before. Today, 'Bolero', like Haustor as a whole, and after Haustor the largest part of what Darko Rundek signed with his name alone, is a lexicon of imaginary world music. An anthology of fictional homelands. A perfect place where a person can place himself outside the time and space in which he lives", states Miljenko Jergović in the accompanying booklet of the publication.

"On re-listening, the album 'Bolero' sounds even better than it did almost forty years ago. Maybe we were proud back then, so it was normal for us that local records with great songs arrived on turntables. Perhaps the banalization of the culture that later spread made these poems so significant and beloved. Maybe nostalgia gave them extra warmth. Maybe those songs bring back sweet memories of the time when we were good-natured and strong," says Petar Janjatović about the album.

Bolero (180g) (Remaster) • Bolero (180g) (Remaster) • Bolero (180g) (Remaster) • Bolero (180g) (Remaster) •