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Sviđa mi se da ti ne bude prijatno

Disciplina kičme LP

Sviđa mi se da ti ne bude prijatno (2023)

Format: LP - Glasba

Code: 3838859014582


  1. Nestani Ih
  2. Ti Znaš Da Tvoja Soba Ima Četiri Ugla
  3. Nemoj
  4. Pobednici
  5. Mladost Ne Opravdava Besvest


  1. Uživaj
  2. Zgodne Kretnje
  3. Pečati
  4. Mozak
  5. Javno Veselje
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Disciplina kičme

Disciplina Kičme, currently working under the slightly altered name of Disciplin A Kitschme, was one of two spin-offs of the seminal Belgrade post-punk/new-wave band Šarlo Akrobata, the other being Ekatarina Velika. Founded in 1982 by Dušan Kojić - Koja (bass and vocals), Disciplina kičme was characterized by changing and uncoventional line-ups: bass + one or two drummers, sometimes with and without a brass line. Musically, they are best described as an aggressive and artistic rhythmic explosion, experimenting and seeking out new expressivness while finding inspiration in the traditions of Hendrix, No wave punk funk or Motown.


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