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Purple Album: Special Gold Edition (Gold Viynl) (Limited)

Whitesnake LP2

Purple Album: Special Gold Edition (Gold Viynl) (Limited) (2023)

Format: LP2 - Glasba

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  1. Burn
  2. Lay Down, Stay Down
  3. Love Child
  4. Holy Man


  1. The Gypsy
  2. Lady Double Dealer
  3. Might Just Take Your Life
  4. Coming Home


  1. Stormbringer
  2. Sail Away (Interpolating “Elegy For Jon”)
  3. You Keep On Moving
  4. Lady Luck


  1. Mistreated
  2. You Fool No One (Interpolating “Itchy Fingers”)
  3. Soldier Of Fortune


In 1973 it was announced that Deep Purple - at the time, one of the biggest rock bands in the world - had a new vocalist, a young unknown singer from the north of England called David Coverdale. David wrote and recorded three studio albums with Deep Purple, all of them classics; Burn, Stormbringer & Come Taste The Band.
The fiftieth anniversary of this momentous event is now celebrated with the Special Gold Edition of The PURPLE Album.

Cherry picking the best tracks from Deep Purple’s Mark 3 and Mark 4 line- ups, all newly remixed and remastered for 2023, Whitesnake’s twelfth studio album features Reb Beach on guitar and Michael Devin on bass, joined by Joel Hoekstra on his first Whitesnake album, plus drummer Tommy Aldridge reappearing on a Whitesnake studio album for the first time since 1989’s Slip Of The Tongue.


Release date: Friday, 13 October 2023.

Release date for preorders: Friday, 13 October 2023

Price: 36,99 €


Whitesnake are an English hard rock band, founded in 1978 by vocalist David Coverdale (formerly of Deep Purple) in North Yorkshire. The current line-up of the band also include Doug Aldrich (lead guitar), Reb Beach (rhythm guitar), Michael Devin (bass), Brian Ruedy (keyboards) and Tommy Aldridge (drums). While the group’s membership has fluctuated, Coverdale remains the heart and soul of the band. In their early years, Whitesnake played in a hard-edged blues rock and heavy metal influenced style. By the mid-80s, the band had moved towards a more commercially friendly arena rock and pop metal ethos, garnering them major hits such as “Love Ain’t No Stranger”, “Now You’re Gone”, “Slide It In”, “Still of the Night”, and the iconic tune “Here I Go Again” (arguably their ‘signature song’). They were named the 85th greatest hard rock band of ...


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