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Revolt Into Style 1979

Various Artists CD

Revolt Into Style 1979 (2022)

Format: CD - Glasba

Code: 5013929112094

  1. Disc One
  2. Revolt Into Style
  3. Media Messiahs
  4. I Feel Flat
  5. Rythm Of Cruelty (Single Version)
  6. You Can't
  7. ¡Gimmix! Play Loud
  8. The Boyfriend
  9. You Got To Pay
  10. Who Killed Bruce Lee?
  11. Questions And Answers (Single Version)
  12. Night Nurse
  13. The Staircase (Mystery)
  14. Stop Being A Boy
  15. Rebellious Jukebox
  16. Graves of Deluxe Green
  17. All Sewn Up
  18. Me! I Disconnect From You
  19. White Debt
  20. Soho-A-Go-Go
  21. Dubious Parentage
  22. Highly Inflammable
  23. I Got Rabies
  24. Victims Of The Riddle
  25. Sink My Boats
  26. Disc Two
  27. Up The Junction
  28. Groovy Times
  29. Girls That Don't Exist
  30. Masquerade
  31. The Whole World
  32. Read It In Books (Original Version)
  33. Library Book
  34. At Home He's A Tourist
  35. Disorder
  36. Alternative Suicide
  37. Back Of My Hand
  38. Bouncing Babies (Original Version)
  39. Burning Bridges
  40. Whip In My Valise
  41. Citinite
  42. Here Comes The Summer
  43. Zip Nolan (Previously Unreleased Extended Mix)
  44. Kid
  45. There Must Be Thousands
  46. When You're Young
  47. Radio-Active
  48. Something That I Said
  49. I Can't Control Myself
  50. (Don't Bring) Harry
  51. I Want My Woody Back
  52. Disc Three
  53. Making Plans For Nigel
  54. Where's The Boy For Me?
  55. The Monochrome Set (Single Version)
  56. Taking My Time
  57. Real Shocks
  58. Friends
  59. Disco Zombies
  60. Number 12
  61. Empire State Human
  62. Kiss The Mirror
  63. Work All Week
  64. Found Out Too Late
  65. Self Conscious Over You
  66. Memories (Single Version)
  67. Johnny B. Rotten
  68. Children Of The World
  69. Prisoners
  70. Bed And Breakfast Man
  71. Glory Boys
  72. Dance Stance (Demo Version Mix)
  73. 7 Teen
  74. New Guitar In Town
  75. Kamikaze
  76. Easy Way Out
  77. Messthetics
  78. Where's Captain Kirk?
  79. I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher
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