1. Leben Heißt Leben (Opus Dei)
  2. Geburt Einer Nation (One Vision)
  3. Leben-Tod
  4. F.I.A.T. (Let It Be)


  1. Opus Dei (Life Is Life)
  2. Trans-National
  3. How The West Was Won
  4. The Great Seal


Opus Dei, the band’s first album for Mute, was mixed by Rico Conning (Wire, Pere Ubu, Swans, William Orbit). The band’s Laibachian interpretations of Opus’ ‘Live Is Life’ (here presented in English as ‘Opus Dei’ and in German as ‘Leben heisst Leben’) and Queen’s ‘One Vision’ (reworked as ‘Geburt Einer Nation’) soon saw them garner support from the likes of MTV and ITV’s The Chart Show. This mainstream spotlight, coupled with memorable features in the music press, opened up opportunities for the Slovenian collective that included their first world tour. Performances from the tour from London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall, San Francisco, Berlin, Paris and “somewhere in Europe” make up the second CD of the expanded remastered edition.

A redesigned cover (further refining the original’s artwork), plus an extensive booklet with photographs, artwork inspired by the German anti-fascist visual artist John Heartfield, and new sleeve notes by the cultural theorist and author Alexei Monroe make this an essential edition of the band’s third studio album.

Opus Dei (Remastered) • Opus Dei (Remastered) • Opus Dei (Remastered) • Opus Dei (Remastered) •

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