Seven And The Ragged Tiger (180g)

Duran Duran Duran Duran


  1. The Reflex
  2. New Moon On Monday
  3. (I’m Looking For) Cracks In The Pavement
  4. I Take The Dice
  5. Of Crime and Passion


  1. Union Of The Snake
  2. Shadows On Your Side
  3. Tiger Tiger
  4. The Seventh Stranger


  1. Is There Something I Should Know? (Monster Mix)
  2. Union Of The Snake


  1. New Moon On Monday (Dance Mix)
  2. The Reflex (Dance Mix)


Selling more than 70 million records worldwide, Duran Duran are credited as ‘the best British band of the 80s’ and key to the progression of new wave music and the pop rock community. The double Grammy award winning English group have released a staggering 13 studio albums over their lengthy career with another to be released in September alongside a vast collection of compilations and live releases.

The band’s third album, Seven and The Ragged Tiger, was released in November 1983, reaching no. 1 on the UK chart, where it was declared Platinum in a matter of weeks. It charted at no. 8 in the US, where it also achieved Platinum status in a short space of time, eventually going double Platinum. It also spawned the band’s first UK no.1 single, ‘The Reflex’. The album content sees the band moving ever so slightly into a dance club arena and his been described as ‘bright, energetic and effectual’.

Seven And The Ragged Tiger (180g) • Seven And The Ragged Tiger (180g) • Seven And The Ragged Tiger (180g) • Seven And The Ragged Tiger (180g) •

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