Loaded (180g)

Velvet Underground


  1. Who Loves The Sun
  2. Sweet Jane
  3. Rock And Roll
  4. Cool It Down
  5. New Age


  1. Head Held High
  2. Lonesome Cowboy Bill
  3. I Found A Reason
  4. Train Round The Bend
  5. Oh! Sweet Nuthin'


The Velvet Underground  were one of one of the most highly influential bands ever to grace the genre of rock. During their six years together, they produced five highly acclaimed albums and are considered to be an inspiration many other rock bands. 

Loaded is The Velvet Undergrounds fourth album, and the final album to feature their legendary lead singer Lou Reed. The album includes two of the bands most successful songs, “Sweet Jane” and “Rock & Roll”.


Loaded (180g) • Loaded (180g) • Loaded (180g) • Loaded (180g) •

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