Live At Max's Kansas City (Remastered)

Velvet Underground


  1. I'm Waiting For The Man
  2. White Light White Heat
  3. I'm Set Free
  4. Sweet Jane


  1. Lonesome Cowboy Bill
  2. New Age
  3. Beginning To See The Light
  4. I'll Be Your Mirror


  1. Pale Blue Eyes
  2. Candy Says
  3. Sunday Morning
  4. After Hours


  1. Femme Fatale
  2. Some Kinda Love
  3. Lonesome Cowboy Bill (Version 2)


2015 expanded remaster of the legendary live recording from Max’s Kansas City on August 23, 1970 includes: “Sweet Jane”, "New Age”, “White Light/White Heat” & “Femme Fatale” features 15 tracks / 80 minutes of music.

2016 is the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the iconic downtown NYC club, Max’s Kansas City. On August 23, 1970, Brigid Polk captured one of the Velvet Underground’s sets on her portable cassette recorder. The original record is that: raw and as it was played that night.

Live At Max's Kansas City (Remastered) • Live At Max's Kansas City (Remastered) • Live At Max's Kansas City (Remastered) • Live At Max's Kansas City (Remastered) •

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