Now Playing (Clear Vinyl)

Velvet Underground


  1. Sweet Jane (Full Length Version)
  2. Rock & Roll (Full Length Version)
  3. Who Loves The Sun
  4. Oh! Sweet Nuthin'
  5. I Found A Reason


  1. I'm Waiting For The Man
  2. Femme Fatale
  3. I'll Be Your Mirror
  4. Ocean
  5. I'm Sticking With You


The Velvet Underground's ‘Now Playing’ tracklist features iconic songs like "Sweet Jane" and "Rock & Roll" in their full-length versions, showcasing the band's signature blend of rock, folk, and experimental sound. 

On clear vinyl, this tracklist offers a diverse range of songs that highlight the American rock band’s influential musical style.

Now Playing (Clear Vinyl) • Now Playing (Clear Vinyl) • Now Playing (Clear Vinyl) • Now Playing (Clear Vinyl) •

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