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40 Golden Greats

Cliff Richard CD2

40 Golden Greats (1999)

Format: CD2 - Glasba

Šifra: 077779242528


  1. Move It
  2. Livin' Doll
  3. Travellin' Light
  4. Fall in Love With You
  5. Please Don't Tease Me
  6. Nine Times Out of Ten
  7. Theme From a Dream
  8. Gee Whizz It's You
  9. When the Girl in Your Arm
  10. Girl Like You, A
  11. Young Ones
  12. Do You Want to Dance?
  13. I'm Lookin' Out the Windo
  14. It'll Be Me
  15. Bachelor Boy
  16. Next Time
  17. Summer Holiday
  18. Lucky Lips
  19. It's All in the Game
  20. Don't Talk to Him


  1. Constantly
  2. On the Beach
  3. I Could Easily Fall (In L
  4. Minute You're Gone
  5. Wind Me up (Let Me Go)
  6. Vision
  7. Blue Turns to Grey
  8. In the Country
  9. Day I Met Marie
  10. All My Love
  11. Congratulations
  12. Throw Down a Line
  13. Goodbye Sam, Hello Samant
  14. Sing a Song of Freedom
  15. Power to All Our Friends
  16. (You Keep Me) Hangin' On
  17. Miss You Nights
  18. Devil Woman
  19. I Can't Ask For Anymore T
  20. My Kinda Life
Cena: 14,99 €

Predviden rok dobave je en delovni dan.

Cliff Richard

Sir Cliff Richard (born Harry Rodger Webb 14/10/40 in Lucknow, India) moved as an 8-year-old to the UK, where it would be 10 more years before he and his group The Drifters emerged in the UK charts for the first time with 'Move It'. Cliff was heavily influenced by Elvis, imitating him shamelessly during the first couple of years of his career. Something which he openly admits, and fully acknowledges that without Elvis, he and many others would never have happened. 'Move It' was a classic British Rock 'n' Roll song, peaked at number two, and was followed by a long string of hits like 'Living Doll' and 'Please Don't Tease'. By then The Drifters turned into The Shadows. After 'A Girl Like You' from 1961, the bond between Cliff and The Shadows loosened a bit, and solo singles of Cliff like 'When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your ...


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