The Young Ones: The Early Hits Of Cliff Richard (CD-BOXSET4)

Cliff Richard Cliff Richard
  1. Move It
  2. Living Doll
  3. Schoolboy Crush
  4. High Class Baby
  5. (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care
  6. Mad About You
  7. Travellin' Light
  8. That'll Be The Day
  9. Never Mind
  10. I Got A Feeling
  11. My Feet Hit The Ground
  12. No Turning Back
  13. Livin' Lovin' Doll
  14. Steady With You
  15. As Time Goes By
  16. Down The Line
  17. I Don't Know Why (But I Do)
  18. Somewhere Along The Way
  19. That's My Desire
  20. My Babe
  21. Donna
  22. Ready Teddy
  23. Too Much
  24. Pointed Toe Shoes
  25. I'll String Along With You
  26. Please Don't Tease
  27. Gee Whiz It's You
  28. Falling In Love With Love
  29. You And I
  30. The Snake And The Bookworm
  31. Theme For A Dream
  32. The Touch Of Your Lips
  33. Here Comes Summer
  34. I Love You
  35. You're Just The One To Do It
  36. Nine Times Out Of Ten
  37. A Voice In The Wilderness
  38. Little Things Mean A Lot
  39. Love
  40. Blue Suede Shoes
  41. The Shrine On The Second Floor
  42. I Gotta Know
  43. I Gonna Get You
  44. I Cannot Find A True Love
  45. Evergreen Tree
  46. Twenty Flight Rock
  47. Left Out Again
  48. Mean Woman Blues
  49. I'm Walking
  50. She's Gone
  51. What'd I Say
  52. How Wonderful To Know
  53. The Young Ones
  54. When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart
  55. Catch Me
  56. A Girl Like You
  57. Unchained Melody
  58. Lamp Of Love
  59. We Have It Made
  60. Fifty Tears For Every Kiss
  61. Tell Me
  62. I Love You So
  63. Working After School
  64. To Prove My Love For You
  65. I'm Willing To Learn
  66. Choppin' 'N' Changin'
  67. I Don't Know
  68. True Love Will Come To You
  69. Forty Days
  70. First Lesson In Love
  71. I Live For You
  72. I Want You To Know
  73. It;'s You
  74. A Mighty Lonely Man
  75. Memories Linger On
  76. Do You Wanna Dance?
  77. It'll Be Me
  78. Outsider
  79. Tough Enough
  80. The Night Is So Lonely
  81. Bachelor Boy
  82. The Next Time
  83. Poor Boy
  84. Y'arriva
  85. Tea For Two
  86. Without You
  87. My Blue Heaven
  88. Shame On You
  89. How Long Is Forever
  90. Turn Around
  91. Let's Make A Memory
  92. Spanish Harlem
  93. Who Are We To Say
  94. I Wake Up Cryin'
  95. Lessons In Love
  96. So I've Been Told
  97. I'm Walkin' The Blues
  98. Blueberry Hill
  99. When My Dream Boat Comes In
  100. I'm On My Way
  101. Nothing's Impossible

The Young Ones: The Early Hits Of Cliff Richard (CD-BOXSET4) • The Young Ones: The Early Hits Of Cliff Richard (CD-BOXSET4) • The Young Ones: The Early Hits Of Cliff Richard (CD-BOXSET4) • The Young Ones: The Early Hits Of Cliff Richard (CD-BOXSET4) •

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